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Posted By: JohnInKansas
10-May-07 - 12:46 AM
Thread Name: Help: Convert Midis to Sheet Music
Subject: RE: Help: Convert Midis to Sheet Music
A handy little utility program that I picked up years (maybe centuries) ago called "Midi Colors" (MidiColors.exe 108 KB) will play a midi for you, while showing the piano keyboard keys for the notes as they play.

It also shows each "voice" in a separate staff, and highlights the notes as they play. Each voice can be turned on/off, and the speed can be changed from 1/10 to 10x the original.

With a multi-voiced midi, being able to flip the individual voices on and off (while it plays) and both see and hear what happens, can be a really big help in isolating which voice containt the melody and/or countermelody, which ones are the main chords, and which are the (usually expendable) percussion.

You can't edit the file in this program, but I use it a lot for figuring out what to edit and just for sampling midis to see if I want to mess with them.

It was a free download from the PC Magazine (Ziff Davis) people when I got it, and it's still be available - but not free. I think they're asking about $7?? (US) per download, or you can "subscribe" for a more generous number of things. I haven't looked at what their terms and conditions are since they started asked for money.

A search on their website finds it still up at MidiColors. (You can also look at the mag article that first offered it. I don't know if the look is free or if that's a "back order purchase." They sometimes published source code in the articles, but I don't remember if this one had the code.)

For the terminally curious, the front page for their downloads section is at PC Magazine Downloads