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Posted By: open mike
10-May-07 - 12:20 PM
Thread Name: What got you hooked on folk music?
Subject: RE: What got you hooked on folk music?
what an interesting thread.
i happen to know "sang like a linty"
regers to a bird...since i was stage
manager when a duo named linty sang
at the san francisco sea music fest.

who DID write "so long it's been good to know you"?

in elementary, junior high and high school I played violin
in the orchestra. if i had been playing fiddle i may have
continued, but i considered the orchestral music symbolic
of a culture i was rebelling against, and lost interest.
as they used to say on that t.v. show (dick clark's american
band stand) i would give it a 5-you can't dance to it.

i do remember going to a fiddle festival or contest with a
car full of high school friends and we were not really into
that type of music...we sang every simon and garfunkel song
we could think of in the car on the way there.

i was active in scouts and church and we established a folk club
(or "coffee house"--though few of us had any interest in coffee)
in a church basement next door to the school. I would often
sing at church services, and our youth group would travel to
other towns to sing...we incorporated folk music--such as
Dylan, and PPM into our repertoire.

in college i had a philosophy professor who conducted a singing
and playing session in the student lounge/snack bar after hours.
he introduced me to old timey music and blue grass style. I have
a recording he did just recently..after retiring from over 30 years
of teaching. In fact he and i jammed a few years back when i was
experiencing the death of both of my parents and searching for
music to perform at their memorial service. This was very comforting
and helpful for me to find some music therapy in the midst of
all the other tasks I was involved with.

I recently received an invite to my 35th high school class reunion
and was reminded of a girl i used to play with in 1970. She knew
400 songs back then...i wonder how many more she has added to
her repertoire now?! I hope she comes to the reunion so we can
compare musical "notes" . the reunion committee always books
a rock and roll band for this event. there were over 1,000 students
in my high school class. i requested being able to play when the band takes a break. and have been scheduled in, so there will be folk music
there now too.