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Posted By: Fidjit
10-May-07 - 03:39 PM
Thread Name: What got you hooked on folk music?
Subject: RE: What got you hooked on folk music?
Via Mick Muligans Magnolia Jazz band with George Melly singing Frankie and Johnny (With actions) in the late 50's.

Then of course it was Skiffle and Lonnie Donegan. The Troubadour in London. Martin Winsor & Red Sullivan. Then, the Radio Ballads.

Then I discovered we (England) had our own songs and heard Shirley Collins. All down hill after that.

Bought books like Marrowbones, Constant Lovers (Only just got hold of Wanton Seed)and Alfred Wiliams Song from the upper Thames.
A.A.Lloyd's, Folk Songs of England

LP's of Dave & Toni Arthur, cassettes and LP's of Tim Hart & Maddy Prior (All pre Steeleye stuff) Leader and Topic records of you name them.

Listened to Jim Lloyd on Folk on two (On the old Long wave radio)
And Wally Whyton too!

Been round the block twice.