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Posted By: EBarnacle
11-May-07 - 07:22 PM
Thread Name: Pete Seeger: Nobel Peace -Updated-deadline Feb1!
Subject: RE: Pete Seeger: Nomination for Nobel Peace
I have been considering the premises of this discussion.

Both the Stalin situation and the Tawana Brawley situation have one thing in common. Pete followed his moral beliefs, even to the point of legal consequences. When he discovered that his premises were wrong, he disavowed them.

He did not disavow the principles he believed in, nor should he have.

In the 40 + years I have known him, Pete has remained truer to his principles than any one else I know. He has often found himself on the unpopular side of issues. More often than not, time has proven him correct.

How many of us would be willing to go to jail for our convictions? The truth of a position does not necesarily attract followers.