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Posted By: SouthernCelt
15-May-07 - 02:03 PM
Thread Name: Tech: Converting WAV to MP3, playback problem
Subject: RE: Tech: Converting WAV to MP3, playback problem
Well, I had planned to check FAQs and other help info on Soundclick as soon as I could find time. Finally did a bit ago. They apparently deal with the "chipmunk" effect a lot and have a click-to-run reencoder to fix the problem. Ok, so I run it and when I test the playback, I now get NOTHING, the file won't load but doesn't give an error like it's been corrupted....So back to the drawing board. I've about decided the best thing would be to go back to my original files, encode for the correct bit rate, etc., create MP3s that all match the web site's specification, then if I decide to add any audio FX, I'll do that will the supposedly correctly created MP3s. That may prove faster than trying to troubleshoot the old files since I can just upload the new versions to replace the old.

As you can readily see, an audio engineer I AIN'T!