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Posted By: Rapparee
15-May-07 - 08:29 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Subject: RE: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
There ARE easier ways, and I will explain them. So lissen up.

First of all, find a place like this one. That'll give you the lowdown on html codes.

Then write whatever you want in a word processing program that allows you to publish it to HTML, choosing your fonts and colors and font sizes. If you use a decent program like Word Perfect you have a command for this in the "File" menu under "Publish to" (HTML, XLM, PDF, etc.). Choose HTML and put in the file where you want it (remember where you put it!). Or in an indecent program like Word, go to file and choose "Save As Web Page."

Close it all down and open your web browser. Open up MOAB, then open another tab on the browser (usually control-t). On the second screen go to File, and choose "Open File". Select the file you saved. Magically is will appear! Go to View and click on View Page Source. Even more magically the HTML will appear! Now, ignore most of what displays and highlight that section with your message on it. Copy and paste this into the "Reply to Thread" box in MOAB. Click on "Preview" and then "Submit Message" and you'll see what your message will look like BEFORE it becomes posted. If you get an "Illegal Tag" message just delete stuff between the pointed brackets at the beginning and the same thing with the / at the end. Do this judiciously, and preview, preview, preview until you don't get any more "Illegal Tag" messages.

Now, to get fancy. Go to that HTML codes page. Somewhere at the beginning of the HTML in front of your message insert something like your message.

(Refer to the "marquee" entry in the HTML list for what I just did.)

This will make your message scroll horizontally. You can also make it do other tricks. If you put (marquee direction=alternate)xxx(/marquee direction=alternate) before and after your message it will bounce from side to side. Of course, you substitute pointed brackets for the () above.

There is an HTML practice Permathread somewhere.

And it takes far less time to write all this than it does to do it.

Nyah, nyah, nyah, Amos!