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16-May-07 - 12:36 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: German pop songs of '60's
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: German pop songs of '60's
(I am not a guest.)

On to "Morgen."

The translation at Little Robyn's link is nothing like the song.

Morgen, morgen
Morgen, morgen, lacht uns wieder das Glück
Gestern, gestern, liegt schon so weit zurück
War es auch eine schöne, schöne Zeit

[Tomorrow fortune will smile on us again. Yesterday lies far behind us. That was also a beautiful, beautiful time.]

Morgen, morgen, sind wir wieder dabei
Gestern, gestern, ist uns heut' einerlei
War es auch eine schöne, schöne Zeit

[Tomorrow we'll be ready. (?) Yesterday is monotony.

Sind wir heut' auch arm und klein
Sind wir heut' auch ohne Sonnenschein
Sind wir heut' auch noch allein
Aber morgen, morgen, morgen, morgen, morgen

[Today we are poor and small. We are without sunshine. We are still alone. But tomorrow....]

Morgen, morgen, wird das alles vergehn
Morgen, morgen, wird das Leben endlich wieder schön
[Tomorrow, all that will be done with. Tomorrow life will be beautiful again.]
The song caught on, mostly I think because the singer was good. He stood head and shoulders above the likes of Little Richard and the Everly Brothers.

When I learned enough German to understand the words, I came to dislike the song. What's it about? Who's "we"? What exactly are they planning to do "tomorrow"?

The most disturbing part is hearing that strong, vigorous voice sing "We are poor and small" in a belligerant manner. It triggered faint alarm bells that said "Hypocrisy!" "Manipulation!" "Beware!"

Now I'm older and the alarm bells are easier to hear. I'm glad the song has died a natural death.