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Posted By: Benjamin
02-Apr-00 - 12:55 AM
Thread Name: Teens. The next generation...
Subject: RE: Teens. The next generation...
Mbo, you could probably find that CD at the local record store. "Message of the Sea" is the name of the album, David Russell is the guitarist. I'm not sure about the availiability of the sheetmusic, though I'm also not sure how much a man in his early 20s could play. If he comes to your neck of the woods, you won't regret seeing him. He often conducts master classes in cities he performs in.

As for the book you found from the 1870's, the guitar was not a popular insturment at that point (or at least lost popularity shortly after). It must be intersting to hear what was happening on the guitar back then.

I hope you do find a way to get your ethnomusicology degree in celtic music. I don't know anyone who wants it or deserves it as much you do Mbo!