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Posted By: Ythanside
20-May-07 - 12:36 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: WWII Song:'Come bury me out in Benghazi'
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: WWII Song:'Come bury me out in Benghazi'
Peace, man. Oops, sorry, wrong thread.
I'm looking for any version of a song I now know to be entitled 'The Dying Soldier'. Having searched for almost thirty years with zero success(perhaps because the fragments I had did not include the title)I have, in the last few hours, discovered via this thread not only the title but three or four complete songs. All of these tell similar stories, and one in particular is very close to the one I'd heard a long time ago and which prompted me into trying to get hold of the lyrics. It would be great to collect a selection of versions.
Posting this thread was a last-chance-saloon effort, and I have been absolutely bowled over by the responses. What a helpfull bunch you Mudcatters are.
Cheers, and again, thank you.