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Posted By: Melodeon
02-Apr-00 - 04:42 PM
Thread Name: BS: No mas.
Subject: RE: BS: No mas.
I doubt very much if anyone has noticed but I have not posted to any threads for several months although I've been lurking every day and learning much on the music orientated threads. I have found the BS threads particularly unpleasant and it seems to have worsened since the "guest" prefix started. As one of the silent majority I would like it known that no one who claims to have a consience ( but displays little evidence of exercising it) has ever spoken for me as I am more than capable of speaking for myself. I like to think I'm a pretty tolerant, liberal sort of person but I really am getting pissed off with the anon.coward(s) who are trying to destroy a valuable resource (both musical and social) and please Max if you know who he, she or it is can you DO something. In the meantime, yes I will continue to ignore it. Just one final point, at least you knew where you were with Gargoyle, in fact I have to confess to enjoying some of his posts and I had a respect for his knowledge,which is why I find it difficult to believe that the present poltergeist is him, fortunately though my eyesight is so poor at the moment that I can't actually read most of what he ,she or it writes.