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Posted By: rich r
03-Feb-98 - 11:07 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: The Spinning Mills of Home (Si Kahn)
Subject: Lyr Add: THE SPINNING MILLS OF HOME (Si Kahn)
I only had to look in 2 places to find it. Either my inventory system is improving or I was incredibly lucky

Si Kahn

Early Monday morning,
I keep thinking that I'm late for work.
Why didn't someone wake me?
Guess the mills are down again.
For years I've been trying
To raise my kids on card-room wages;
It's time to hit the road
And try my luck up North again.

CHORUS: On the highway headed south,
On the highway headed north, Just back and forth -
Sometimes I feel like a rolling stone.
From the rolling mills of Gary
To the rolling hills
And the spinning mills of home.

All along the river
Railroad tracks turn red and rusty,
Cotton fields are dry and dusty -
You can taste it in your mouth.
I've heard people say
How they've got one foot in the grave;
I've got one in Indiana
And the other one's in the south.


I wish someone would write it down -
That way someone who knows the work
Can gauge the labor, have it bought and sold
Like cotton, by the pound.
It's just too hard to choose between
A job back home for lousy pay
And makin' real good wages
In some northern factory town.


rich r