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Posted By: JedMarum
02-Apr-00 - 11:59 PM
Thread Name: BS: No mas.
Subject: RE: BS: No mas.
Friday afternoon I got on an airplane from Houston to Dallas - full, again, late again (bad weather), I had a gig scheduled and I was going to be very lucky to get back in time ... as my wife and I sat there and the plane continued to be filled with passengers prior to take off, some very very drunk business suited man shouted out to his friends several seats away "these f*ckin' b*astards at Southwest {Airlines} do this sh*t all the time" I don't know what the 'sh*t' was that he was referring to, but I was really tempted to get out of my seat and choke the sh*t out of him with his own neck tie ... not just because I was highly offended by his 'foul mouth' in public, not just because he was drunk and nasty, but because his behavior was repulsive and out of place in that environment, and perhaps because I pissed off anyway - and he looked like a good target!

Truth is when I see the idiot flames being thrown around here, I am sometimes sorely tempted to jump in and choke the flamer - but I don't usually speak up, and if I do I speak carefully. It's been said in this thread and others and I think it's quite true; the same nasty and/or unbalanced people we meet in the 3D world, have Internet access just like you and me ... I can't avoid them anymore on the Web then I can on an airplane, and sometimes in either place it's a struggle not to thrash them. But the good news is, I've never actually hit anyone on an airplane, yet!