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Posted By: Jack Campin
23-May-07 - 07:23 PM
Thread Name: Sean (sp): where does the accent go?
Subject: RE: Sean (sp): where does the accent go?
Unless you absolutely have to, don't. It makes your text less indexable by search engines and less likely to render correctly on all browsers - what if your reader has their machine set up for an unusual combination of fonts, like what most Czech machines use? Nobody is going to misunderstand you in a context where a name is obviously meant.

If you really, truly do have to, type Seán to get Seán. Look up a quick guide to HTML to get others. But whatever you do DON'T just type an accented character on your keyboard and expect it to work. On any machine of a different type than yours, it won't. (The Footstompin forum looks extraordinarily silly on anything but a Windows machine because it's full of Gaelic names and their dimwit software doesn't convert the Windows character set into standard HTML - don't be like that).