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Posted By: Mooh
24-May-07 - 06:58 PM
Thread Name: Electric guitar for blues
Subject: RE: Electric guitar for blues
The SRV Stratocaster has a wider than usual fretboard. All you really have to do is do the rounds of music shops and experiment. Some otherwise similar models will vary considerably in one feature or another and where neck/fingerboard widths are concerned some of the older styled "jazz boxes" might have what you're looking for, and some (note, some) of the PRS and PRS knockoffs might suit. My personal preference is a Telecaster, but your milage may vary.

I haven't looked, but if it's a real big issue, one of the parts makers (eg, Warmouth, Allparts, Stew-Mac) might have what you need to retrofit an otherwise stock axe. I have a Warmouth neck ready to go on my Telecaster as we speak.

Peace, Mooh.