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Posted By: Nick
24-May-07 - 08:34 PM
Thread Name: Electric guitar for blues
Subject: RE: Electric guitar for blues
Guitars don't vary much weirdly. I have 7 round the house and (sadly) went and measured them...

Tanglewood Acoustic - 1.75" at nut 2" at 12th fret
Spanish guitar - 2" at nut 2.5" at 12th fret
Yamaha FG180 - 1.75" at nut 2" at 12th fret
Strat copy - 1.625" at nut 2" at 12th fret
Ibanez Jem - 1.75" at nut 2.062" at 12th fret
Old Levin Guitar - 1.8" at nut 2.375" at 12th fret

and my bass which really surprised me - 1.625" at nut 2.25" at 12th fret

Each and every one feels completely different in your hand though which is more to do with the thickness of the neck rather than it's width

My old Yamaha which is 35+ years old feels like a huge chunk of timber to play, the Tanglewood feels more like the Strat because of the less fat neck. My son's Ibanez feels wide and thin at the same time.

Go try some in the shops and find something that feels right to your hands.