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Posted By: Bob Bolton
25-May-07 - 12:42 AM
Thread Name: Sean (sp): where does the accent go?
Subject: RE: Sean (sp): where does the accent go?
G'day Jack Campin,

I think we may be living in different environments ... if not to say time schemes.

What I post (or publish in other formats / fora / forms is intended to be read on computers - not HTML pages. The 'Extended HTML' set is firmly part of all modern fonts ... and consistent in its content within "language groups" (and mine is English language). If I accent a letter I expect the application to find the letter ... without recourse to opening in an HTML environment.

Re: "There is no such thing as "the second half of the standard ASCII font set". ASCII has only 127 7-bit characters, the others are NOT standard. " please note what I passed on a site dealing with Cyrillic font sets:

In computers, letters, numbers and other symbols are assigned values in the so-called ASCII system (ASCII = American Standard Code for Information Interchange). The normal allocations are (in part): the English letters, punctuation marks and numerals are assigned to positions 32 through 127. Many other symbols and accented (French, Spanish, German, etc.) letters are placed in the range from 128 to 255. This is termed the "extended" ASCII.

In the early days of computers, the ASCII code only went to 127...


In the ASCII system, the numerical value of any character is limited to two bytes, i.e., any value from 0 to 255...


Certainly special language sets will have other characters in their "second half" ... I have loaded on my work machine a bundle of Vietnamese fonts which I needed for bilingual presentations by our International Division. Although they seem to retain most of the standard "European" accents in place ... they assigne everything else on the second set to a plethora of Vietnamese vowels with 2 ... or even 3 ... different Vietnamese accents simultaneously applied!

Out of its field, Web code becomes a minefield.