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Posted By: Grab
25-May-07 - 05:54 AM
Thread Name: Electric guitar for blues
Subject: RE: Electric guitar for blues
My bog-standard Squier Fat Strat isn't significantly narrower on the fretboard than my Lowden. Nice instrument to play, although be warned that low-end electrics are usually poorly set up (if anyone has set them up at all), so be prepared to do the necessary with the bridge adjusters to set the string height properly. Incidentally, a Fat Strat (single, single, humbucker) is a good compromise instrument - you've got the thinner sound of the single-coils if you want something twangy, and you've got the humbucker for blasting it out.

Re LEJ's strings, heavier strings will give you better tone too, and they're less prone to breakage. I like Power Slinkies, which are 11s.