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Posted By: Sugwash
25-May-07 - 06:02 AM
Thread Name: Help: Meaning of 'Chicken on a Raft'
Subject: RE: Help: Meaning of 'Chicken on a Raft'
I served on H M diesel submarines a couple of decades after Cyril, they hadn't changed very much in the intervening years. The breakfasts were certainly still the same:

Chicken on a raft - fried egg on fried bread
Shit on a raft - devilled kidney on fried bread
Elephant's footprints - deep fried spam fritters in batter
Yellow peril - smoked haddock
Spithead pheasant - kippers

If the Russians didn't get us, the cholesterol would!

Dabtoes were still any member of the seaman branch, most of which dwelled in the Forward Mess

I never heard members of the After Mess referred to as dustmen, we were 'back-afties' by my time.

Comic cuts were C240s, a report on his character read to every rating by his Divisional Officer on an annual basis.