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Posted By: GUEST,punkfolkrocke
25-May-07 - 10:54 AM
Thread Name: Electric guitar for blues
Subject: RE: Electric guitar for blues
something else to consider..

Squier fender copies can be narrower at the nut than standard fender necks..
as the primary squier market is younger players [and even pre-teens]
with smaller not yet fully grown hands..

A lot of adults find squier necks a bit too slender..
so something serious to consider for more mature players with arthritic fingers..

my 2001 squier standard Tele is only 4cm at the nut
less than approx 3mm or 4mm compared to average standards for 6 string electrics.

btw.. trusting my memory..

the Danelectro 12 string fingerboard is a consistent parallrll width from 12th fret to nut..

I'm sure it doesn't taper from wider 12th fret down to slimmer 1st fret as most guitars do.

so would be interesting to find out any other modern mass production
reasonable price guitars with similar parallell fingerboards..

or even sensible price replacement necks..