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Posted By: GUEST,Becky Hill
25-May-07 - 04:04 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req/Add: Horse called Napoleon
Subject: RE: Req/ADD: Horse called Napoleon
Another version - this one from New York state and Pennsylvania :
this one was also sung, speeding up at the end, with the kids yelling "Milk" as the punchline

Sung to the tune of "Reuben, Reuben or Reuben, Rachel"

I had a horse and I called him Napoleon
All because of his bony parts
He was sired by HAMBLETONIAN*
All you had to do was to make him start

He was so thin you could look right through him
He had hair as fine as silk
I drove him around in my old milk wagon
When I wanted him to stop I hollered out "MILK"

As I was driving along so gaily
Along came a feller with a rig so fine
He said to me, "C'mon, you reuben"
How about a race right down this line?

Away we went helter-skelter
I had a smile all over my face
For as sure as I'm a sinner I was comin" out a winner
When he hollered out "MILK" and I lost the race!!

Always ended up with
Bum bada dada bum bum (shave and haircut, two bits) refrain.

Sung to the Baker Children by Charles M. Baker, 1940's – and probably to him by his mother, Ethel Slack Baker in the 1910's (Western NY and PA. origins)

*Hambletonian was the name of a famous trotter race horse from NY state in the mid 1800's

Rebecca Baker Hill
Tiffin, OH