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Posted By: moira Cameron,
10-Feb-97 - 02:44 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Fox Went Out on a Chilly Night
Subject: Lyr Add: DADDY FOX
I learned a different version than the one listed in the DT. I learned it from the group "Young Tradition" or Pete Bellamy (I can't remember which.) The tune is different as well.


1. Daddy Fox, he went out on a chilly night.
He prayed to the moon for to give him light,
For he'd many, many miles to go that night,
Before he came to his den-o,
Den-o, den-o,
He'd many, many miles to go that night,
Before he came to his den-o.

2. He grabbed the gray goose by the neck,
And he flung a duck across his back,
And he heeded not their quivvy-quivvy-quack,
Nor the legs all a-dangling down-o,
Down-o, etc.

3. Then old mother Twiddle-Twaddle jumped out of bed
And out of the window she stuck her little head,
Cryin', "Oh John, Oh! Now the gray goose is dead
And the fox, he's away to his den-o!"
Den-o, etc.

4. Well, John, then he rode to the top of the hill
And he blowed his little horn both loud and shrill.
"Play on!" said Reynard, "with your music still,
While I trot away to my den-o,"
Den-o, etc.

5. Then old Daddy Fox and his cubs and his wife,
They cut up the goose without any knife,
Saying, "I never, never had such a supper in my life!
And the cubs, they can pick on the bones-o!"
Bones-o, etc.

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