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Posted By: Lizzie Cornish
31-May-07 - 05:35 AM
Thread Name: Obit: Mudcatter 'Scrump' (29 May 2007)
Subject: RE: Obit: Mudcatter 'Scrump' (29 May 2007)
Dear Scrump

This is for you.

When I heard the news yesterday, I felt so desperately sad. And as I write this now, the tears are starting. I wracked my mind last night to try and work out what to say. But where do you start? I searched for exactly the right 'quote', as I wanted to use the wise words of someone else...but nothing seemed right. So I tried to use my own words, but they wouldn't come.....

But this morning it's happened and the words are flowing and you know why Scrump?....Because of *you*

I went into *your* words, the ones you sent me in here, just a day or two before your accident, when I got so down in here recently. You were the only person who took the time and the trouble to care. You came over to 'hold my hand' as it were, and to tell me that it would all be OK. That touched me deeply. In your words you spoke about your love for the music and to always stay positive just 'cared' xx

So here are some words at long last, hopefully put in a very positive way, because it's how I feel you'd want me to say them, right now, when we're all feeling so terribly down.

As I write this now, despite the tears, I know that you're surrounded by those who've loved you all your life, both in the Spirit world and in this one too. I know that you will never be alone and that from the moment you passed over, a circle of light and love went out around you and it will never leave you.

I know that your kind and loving Spirit will be able to reach out to Frankie and your family, that you were there instantly around them and that eventually, when the shock of all this has grown a little less, when the deep sorrow and so many other emotions, have had time to ease a little, they'll know that you are right there beside them all and you ALWAYS will be, for the rest of their lives, loving them.

As you can see from the messages in here, and in your other thread, you 'touched' many, many people, with your words. Oh you made us smile Scrump and laugh out loud sometimes too! :0)

When I found your photos online I realised how much you enjoyed and cared about the music, it shines out in some of those pictures. I've kept your photo on the desk these past weeks...and you know, it'll stay there now, just so I can say a sunny 'Hello' to you now and again. :0)

I wish your family much love, but most of all, I wish them peace.

We can't change the way that things happen. We can't even begin to understand them sometimes, but in the end, hopefully, acceptance comes in, and with that comes peace.

The good thing about dying is that we ALL get to do it eventually, and then we get to be with those we have truly loved once more. But in the meantime we have to learn about a different kind of love. A love that surrounds us, that is all-encompassing and deeply spiritual. A love that just simply requires the mind to be opened in a different way, and then we understand that love will carry us through, for the rest of our lives and that those we have loved never leave us.

I'm so very glad that you've had so many loving messages Scrump! You deserve each and every one of them and I hope they bring you a huge smile...and bring some comfort to your family too. You've a beautiful Spirit!

So, know that we'll miss you. But know that we'll always think about you too and finally know that you touched many people with your sweet words and nature. I am so glad that you seemed to have enjoyed your life so much and that you carried that enjoyment out to others. I'm all the better for having 'known' you...even though it was only for a very short time in a 'virtual' place. You 'connected' and you made a difference and that counts for a huge amount.

There are those whose Spirits shine bright when they are alive, and that same part of them continues to shine, when they are still 'alive' but simply in another place. You are one of those Spirits.

You take care my friend.

And Paul, I know you'll never stop shining! :0)

With much love to you and your family

Lizzie x