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Posted By: Grab
31-May-07 - 08:32 AM
Thread Name: BS: Nissan Says Don't Call Home
Subject: RE: BS: Nissan Says Don't Call Home
Frogprince: Yeah, this kind of glitch is a general problem. Still, it's not being "foisted" on us yet - it's an option that gadget-happy people can buy if they want.

Note though that "electronic key" is different from the "key with electronics in the fob". A pure "electronic key" doesn't give you a physical key to do the unlock.

FWIW though, immobilisers are the reason there are hardly any thefts of modern cars - nearly all thefts today are of older cars. Plenty of thefts *from* cars, but electronic immobilisers have essentially made it impossible to steal modern cars without the key.