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Posted By: McGrath of Harlow
31-May-07 - 01:40 PM
Thread Name: BS: Big Brother (Oh nooooo!!)
Subject: RE: BS: Big Brother (Oh nooooo!!)
It's cheap to produce, it feeds into the tabloid press, giving them a continuing series of headlines without any effort, when there's nothing much happening (or even when it is - real news gets banished to the inside pages). The result is that lots of readers build up a common curiosity which means they watch the programme, which means the papers regurgitating it sell more copies, and get more advertising revenue. Positive feedback. And that applies whether the programme gets slagged off or not - in fact being slagged off probably helps the process.

It's a brilliant marketing concept.

The sad thing is the whole thing could probably work just as well with something good at the heart of it instead of rubbish.

Pat yourself on the back for not having it, America. This makes Jerry Springer look like a high quality product.