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Posted By: Malcolm Douglas
06-Jun-07 - 06:52 PM
Thread Name: ADD/Origins: Yarmouth Town
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Yarmouth town
Peter didn't get it from Harry Cox or Sam Larner; he would certainly have said so if he had; and other people would know about it. He said he got it from Pete Bullen (about whom, unfortunately, we know almost nothing). 'Do Me Ama' is a completely different song on the same subject; as, for that matter, is 'The Merchant's Love to the Brazier's Daughter'. It's an old story, and several unrelated songs have been based upon it. 'Yarmouth Town' appears to be the most recent.

I'd guess at the early '60s, perhaps between '63 and '65; but that may be completely wrong.