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Posted By: GUEST,Mr.Tuba
06-Jun-07 - 08:00 PM
Thread Name: Lip-synching: Art or Rip-off?
Subject: RE: Lip-synching: Art or Rip-off?
WOW !! So many panties in a wad. O.K. I have seen CW live 4 times. One time I was 6 rows back, center. One time I was 4 rows back, just off center. One time I was 3 rows back, dead center. I have heard them breathe. I have heard their raw voices off the stage. I have been a Tuba player for 42 years, and, not to brag, I am very good. I should be after all these years, or I should hang it up. Anyway, when a musician/singer breathes properly, they breathe so as to fill the bottom of the lungs first, then fill to the top of the lungs. This gives full wind capacity, support, and eliminates a nasel sound. If you breathe thru your nose, or just fill your throat, you will not have the above mentioned qualities. As for the violin bow not touching the strings, remember, a violin neck and strings are not flat, like a guitar. You have to work the bow at an angle, depending on which string you want to sound. This can give the optical illusion that the bow is not touching the strings. I have seen Mairead, up close, and she is not only playing, but she is burning up those strings faster then they can cool off. In Orlando, this week, I heard Maev's voice clearly off the stage. The lag in lip movement, to the sound coming out of the speakers is due to system travel time. I cannot understand why this is so hard to realize. There is no way you can sing into a mic, have the sound travel thru the sound system, and come out of a speaker at the exact same time that your lips are moving. DUH !! If they were to lip sync at times, I can live with that because you have to remember, these ladies are singing night after night, 20 songs, month in and month out. They go thru all kinds of weather changes here as they travel. I want to see any of you perfectionists keep up their schedule. I have sang in choirs, quartets, and as a soloists over the years. In a choir setting, my voice is good for only about 4 songs, then I am worn out. That is because in a choir, you have to project. In a quartet, or as a soloists, I can sing 8 to 10 songs, because all I have to do is sing into a mic. The sound system does the work. As for those of you who feel cheated, you have too much time on your hands. Get a hobby, and stop going to CW concerts. That will free up more good seats for the rest of us. I especially take exception to those of you who have made this a mud slinging contest against the ladies as individuals. If you do not like CW management, fine. But to attack the ladies personally, shows just what kind of bottom feeders you really are. I have personally been blessed to be able to talk to Maev, Lisa, Orla ( she signed one of our CDs ) David Downes, and Des Moore. These folks are very sweet people, and love to just stop and talk to their fans. They usually do not have a lot of free time, but I have been fortunate enough to stay in the same hotel as they did twice. We stayed accross the hall from Lisa and her family in Cary, N.C. We stayed in the Omni in Jax, and ran into Orla in the hotel driveway, and then again in the lobby. In fact, when we saw her in the driveway, she was going to the center for her sound check. When she came back, she saw us in the lobby, and she came over to us to talk some more. She did not have to do that, but she did because she is a sweet person, and she loves to see her fans. The others are much the same. Lisa came up to us also in the lobby. In N.C., Maev and her husband were talking to a man in the lobby, and I walked up to her and asked her if she was Maev. She said yes, and stood there and talked to me for about 5 minutes. She could have easily said she was busy, and excused herself, but instead, she spent time with me and my wife. CW is real, and these ladies are lovely inside and out. I could go on and on, but this subject really boils down to one thing. If you do not like CW, you will look for something, anything, to complain about. This is not about lip syncing, it is about people who want to find something to find fault with. Like I said before, if any of you what to try to keep up with them, and their schedule, good luck. I am sure you will find something else to fault them over. As for me, I cannot wait to see them again, as time and money permits. The pleasure and fun my wife and I have had going to their concerts, and meeting them, far outweighs anything else.
Mr. Tuba
P.S. I still am ready to play Tuba for them is they ever decide to add one. I want to see someone accuse me of lip syncing on the Tuba.