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Posted By: Jon Freeman
05-Apr-00 - 01:40 PM
Thread Name: Making Mudcat Accessible
Subject: RE: Making Mudcat Accessible
I downloaded 2 of the free voice browser/ readers mentioned in the website I mentioned in my last post.

SimplyWeb98 failed on installation (it spotted that I had a newer version of a file on my system, gave me the option of skipping the file which I did but it failed to register the file that it hadn't replaced). Having worked round this problem and got it to run, it kept crashing and when I gave up with it and decided to uninstall it, that failed too so I had to do the job manually. Perhaps I was unlucky but I would say avoid this one.

AccessibleWebBrowser works but the browser is primative, the program is akwerd to use as you have to select the text that you want to read. I tried reading the main forum page using it and the results were quite amusing. I can see no way that anybody could use this program to navigate through Mudcat.

I had intended downloading the demo version of IBM's offering but I didn't have enough free internet time to download a 10+Mb file.

I will report back if I do find something that I think might be suitable or come up with any other ideas.