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Posted By: The Borchester Echo
09-Jun-07 - 04:04 PM
Thread Name: master tapes [re:Phoebus/Bulmer !!!?]
Subject: RE: master tapes [re:Phoebus/Bulmer !!!?]
I fail to see why transatlantic members of the Cat need to be thanked for being 'patient'.
The issue of ownership of publishing rights isn't at all difficult to comprehend.
In the case of Pat Cooksey, his composition The Sick Note is making money for the owner of those rights, though not for him.
But in the case of those whose music remains in the Harrogate vaults, no-one is making money.
More importantly, no-one has access to it.
These scenarios are not at all 'substantially the same' at all, other than that the same person is responsible for each.
Personally, I care not about the owner but I do care about the artists and their music.
What's hard to understand?
People have died and more will sooner or later.
Yet you whinge about things 'not being that simple'.
They are.