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Posted By: Jim Dixon
10-Jun-07 - 11:37 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Girl in the Very Tight Hat (J F Weldon)
Subject: Lyr Add: GIRL IN THE VERY TIGHT HAT (J F Weldon)
Here's my transcription from John's mp3 file. (See the link provided by Peace above.)

(John F Weldon) (SOCAN)

Oh, the sight of a blouse that's tight may highlight the audio light, eh?
Yes, it's quite discreetly right and warms the body and soul, I say.
But I like a very tight hat -- on a girl with a very big brain.
Just the sight of a hat that's tight will drive this boy insane.

I like a girl with a very tight hat. (A very tight what?) No, a very tight hat.
Don't refrain to admire a brain stuffed into a very tight hat.
How can I explain? How can I resist?
Oh, for a girl in a very tight hat! Her lips just must be kissed.

You may like blue jeans so tight they give a girl a wedgie.
And though you try to meet her eye, it keeps your nerves on edge, eh?
I like a very tight hat. Underneath you'll find
Convolutions, crenelations of a lovely mind.

It's all the rage. Jeans with age may have their appeal to some.
And it's bound to please when they're torn at the knees with a spot worn through on the bum.
But how can I resist? How can I refuse?
Oh, for a girl with a very tight hat! That's the kind of girl I choose.

A feminist Ms. may oft resist the lure of a lover whose lustful leering
Glances go to far below. He'll never get anywhere near.
So, look for a girl with a hat -- a very, very, very tight hat.
It's safe to stare where the head meets hair on a girl with a very tight hat.

Breasts and thighs may cause great sighs, but older wiser men know that
It's rightly rude when her brain protrudes up into her very tight hat.
Hey! There goes a very fine hat, stretched by the lobes of her dome.
Hemispheres down to her ears, I wish she'd take me home.

[I must admit I don't understand "audio light" in the first line. Am I mishearing it?]