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10-Jun-07 - 03:50 PM
Thread Name: Lip-synching: Art or Rip-off?
Subject: RE: Lip-synching: Art or Rip-off?
The DVD audio was recorded during 2 live concert events. Boy am I now really kicking myself for not flying to Ireland last summer for the 2 day filming then I could give you a first hand account. I was invited to the filming but because of work I simply wasnt able to attend. But I do know several people who were there and have talked to them about the DVD and they have assured me that what you hear on the DVD is exactly what they heard at the filming in Ireland.

Now onto the concert tour. I should have elaberated more on my conversation with Kelvin Thompson in Seattle May,4, 2006 and why we were talking about the delay between what happens onstage and what goes out over the audio system. The night before the Seattle show the 6 of us were in Spokane Washington. During the first half of the show 4 of us were in row 7 and 2 of us in row 10. Both were in the dead center. There were 2 times during that first half of the show where there was static or "white noise" comming from the sound system. It only lasted a second or 2 each time. I figured that it could be one of 3 things. Either "white noise" comming from a wireless mic, static from a loose connection, or some type of flaw in the recorded track. So the next night before the show in Seattle, Michael and myself were able to spend an hour talking to Kelvin about the show and I mentioned what I had heard the previous night in Spokane and described it in detail. Thats when he told me about the delay and he also said that because of the placement of the main speakers and the monitor they all wear in one ear he wasnt able able to hear it himself from the stage. I was sitting in the first row balcony in Seattle that night and during that first half of the show the same static occured again in the same spot that I had heard it the previous night so I tend to think its something with the recorded track itself.

Now for those that know more about how thses tracks are laid out, are the vocals laid on a seperate channel? In other words If they were to be using prerecorded vocals and also singing live onstage could they...during the show dump from the prerecorded track and go to to live mic feed or vice versa? If so, could or would there be "white noise" or static during that process?

Prior to the Seattle show I said there was no way there was any lip synching going on. It was only after Seattle that I kept an open mind to the possibility that there was. The static and change of volume comming from the sound system was one factor. But the one thing that really sparked my interest was during the second half of the show in Seattle there were 3 in our group that moved down to the second row for the rest of the show. After the show all 3 of them reported to me that there was at least 1 time they were using a recorded track. So given the source of that first hand account I decided to keep an open mind to the possiblity. I have more that I could post on this subject but Im not going to do so at this time. But I will say this, what difference does it make if its all not totally 100% live? I love SEEING the show. There is alot more to it then the audio. I find the lighting, dancing, and the other visual effects very enjoyable. The lighting to me is really cool. There are times during "Sing Out" where the lights sweep the whole inside of the theater and that is a really cool sight to see. So it doesnt matter to me weather or not the whole audio is live comming over the sound system.