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Posted By: WFDU - Ron Olesko
11-Jun-07 - 09:26 PM
Thread Name: master tapes [re:Phoebus/Bulmer !!!?]
Subject: RE: master tapes [re:Phoebus/Bulmer !!!?]
Steve. You are not being picky. I would buy a copy of a Nic Jones CD-R from YOU.   I wish you could get your want list without having to pay an arm and a leg.   Please tell me where I can purchase Ramblin' Jack's Monitor LP's where the royalties go to him. I would love to have a CD copy of Ed McCurdy's "Blood Booze and Bones". Where are Cynthia Gooding's recordings? In his later years, Dave Van Ronk probably could have used some of the royalties for recordings he made. I'm sure Mark Spoelstra would have liked to see some royalties from his LP's.

Yes, I would also hope that those royalties would pay for health care, put food on the table and put kids through college. Most folksingers and singer-songwriters that I know struggle to get gas money selling their current CD's.   I would hope you are all correct, but I would not count on those royalties from older LP's to be a goldmine. If there was money to be made, I think this snake that you mention would have found a way. Still, I do agree - it is more than money at stake here.

I want my heritage back too - at prices I can afford. If only life worked that way.