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Thread Name: Lip-synching: Art or Rip-off?
Subject: RE: Lip-synching: Art or Rip-off?
You could be right. The CD tracks on some of the songs may be identical. I can assure you that the DVD was recorded over 2 seperate nights. The CD was done AFTER the filming. To understand why a few of the tracks may be identical to the DVD you need some background information on CW. Ill try to be as breif as possible.

CW was founded and the First DVD was recorded in September of 2004 and was released in the US and on PBS on March 1, 2005. One of the performers (MEAV) became pregnant either shortly before or shortly after the filming of the first DVD was done. As a result she wasnt able to perform for the first tour that CW did in the late spring/early summer of 2005. Therefore a replacement was named for the first tour while MEAV was on maternity leave. Her name was Deirdre Shannon. Deirdre performed in MEAVs place for the summer of 2005 and MEAV was expected to return for her first tour with CW in the fall of 2005. About 4 weeks before the fall tour started MEAV announced that she was not going to be joining the tour, that she wanted to spend time with her daughter, record her new album, and do limited solo touring. As a result Deirdre stayed on for the fall 2005 tour as well.

Deirdre performed that tour which ended in November 2005. CW returned to Ireland for the christmas holidays and they all worked on the new arrangements for the upcomming sprin 2006 tour. In December 2005 CW announced the spring tour dates which was to begin on March 8. 2006. Before the spring tour was in the US started, CW released all the solo albums of all the performers in the US under the Manhatten/EMI record label. There was one exception to this....Deirdres was not released on 1/10/06 along with the rest of them. For some reson it was held back. On Febuary 17, 2006 CW performed their first PUBLIC concert in Ireland at The Point in Dublin. Deirdre Shannon was there instead of MEAV as MEAV was still on maternity leave. The plan was that after that concert in Ireland CW was to be on a plane 5 hours after the end of that show for thier promotional tour of Japan which was to run from 2/19 - 2/28 2006. MEAV would be staying behind to care for her daughter and Deirdre would be going along with the rest of the group. Within minutes of the Point concert ending it was announced to Deirdre that MEAV would be on that plane to Japan with the rest of the group and Deirdre was fired.

The group did their promotional tour of Japan and CW was silent as to who would be attending the tour in the US untill March 1 2006. The spring tour was to start in Toronto in just 8 days. MEAV was pulled in at the last minute and forced to do the promotional tour and the US tour. Deirdre was left out in the cold and was devistated. It was just several weeks earlier that CW LTD told her that she would remain with CW untill the fall of 2006 and there was even talk about her joining the show as a permanent member. As a result of these actions by Dave Kavanagh and Sharon Browne, Deirdre took legal action against Celtic Woman LTD.

CW recorded their Christmas album in July 2006 and began work on the DVD arrangments which was to be filmed in Augest. CW announced the filming date and sent out the invite 28 days prior to the filming.

They entered into talks to bring her back in the summer of 2006 after the summer tour just prior to the filming of the DVD A New Journey on Aug. 23 - 24 2006. Deirdre was added back to the CW official site in early Augest and then she was removed from it shortly before the filming was to take place. Deirdre never returned and CW gave no statement concerning her. Several days before the filming Hayley cut her vacation short and went to Ireland to join CW.

Thus as a result of this, the DVD was filmed FIRST and the 2 CDs that were made of A New Journey was done after the filming. Thats why Hayley is on Both the CD and the DVD. Had the CD been done first Hayley wouldnt have been on the CD because she wasnt a mamber untill several days prior to the filming.

Sharon Browne was removed from her management position from CW LTD for the duration of the production of the DVD and Ivan Gavin the COO of EMI took her place. Scott Porter (Lisa Kellys husband)was added as the "company production manager" during the summer and was promoted to the GENERAL MANAGERs position after Sharon Browne was fired at the completion of the filming of A New Journey and Ivan Gavin surrendered his place as managing director (Sharon Brownes former position) to the newly created General Managers position filled by Scott Porter.

Celtic Woman did their National Tour of Japan in early October 2006 for 3 weeks. So when you take all this into account they simply didnt have enough time to record a full studio album as they did for their first CD and DVD. With the touring they were doing and a release date of 12/2/2006 for the PBS stations they would have had to use the audio from the 2 live performances for the studio album on several of the tracks.