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Posted By: Mick Pearce (MCP)
12-Jun-07 - 07:03 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: I Can Hew (David Dodds)
Subject: Lyr Add: I CAN HEW (David Dodds)

The lyrics are pretty much as you'd normally hear them. (the main song that is). These are the lyrics as sung by Johnny Collins, who had the song from Dave Dodds himself, when Dave was a frequent visitor to the Herga Folk Club in Harrow, Middlesex. Of course Johnny may well have changed the lyrics a bit, but short of Dave Dodds making an appearance himself (and I haven't heard anything of him for many years) this is probably as good as you'll get. The differences with the version from Malcolm's source (still there today) are minimal (I've left in Johnny's use of me for SE my (pace Malcolm), as I'd sing myself).



(David Dodds)

I can hew boys, I can hack it out
I can hew the coal, I can dance and shout.
I can hew boys, the coal that's black and fine,
I'm a collier lad, and I'm workin' down the mine.

Now Saint Monday's day, I do well admire,
When I sit at home by me own coal fire.
Then it's off to the pub, for a glass or two
For to work on Mondays, that would never do.

Now I like me whiskey and I like me beer.
I'll drink fourteen pints and I'll not feel queer.
For I can hold me liquor as good as any man.
And I'll dance and sing as long as I can.

Now me boy he's fourteen, he's a strappin' lad
And he'll go to the pit soon, just like his dad.
And when Friday comes round, he'll pick up his pay.
And we'll drink together, to round off the day.

Oh, but when I'm dead, I know full well,
I'll not go to heaven, I am bound for hell.
And me pick and shovel, old Nick he'll admire,
And he'll set me a-hewin' coal for his own hell fire.

Source: Johnny Collins: The Best Of The Early Years originally on Free And Easy