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Posted By: Amos
06-Apr-00 - 10:03 AM
Thread Name: Making Mudcat Accessible
Subject: RE: Making Mudcat Accessible

There are several technical solutions for those who cannothandle a mouse. Voice control is one. There are also special interface software packages which let the user run things with just one giant button (for those with range of motion difficulties), or a single switch that they activate by puffing on a tube or nodding their head.

I have also seen a pointing device that consists of a simple reflecting disk that is stuck to the forehead, which reflects a laser beam (very low power) back at the screen so that simple head movements control where the beam lands, combined with a switch of whichever design is workable for the individual. All of these and other devices designed to provide computer capabilities for people with various physical constraints have been around for years and are known to special ed people -- they have a whole industry. But they don't get sold through mainstream computer outlets, needless to say.

Here are some starting points for researching what is out there and where:

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