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Posted By: Midchuck
06-Apr-00 - 03:27 PM
Thread Name: Humorous songs
Subject: RE: Humorous songs
Jim Dixon sayeth:

"My favorite humorous singer-songwriters are Lou and Peter Berryman. DigiTrad has several songs of theirs. To find them, search for "Berryman". Their web site has several more. I especially recommend "The F-Word." Don't worry - it doesn't contain the f-word - it only contains "the f-word." Got it?"

My wife does the song. Did it once at an outdoor show and a lady comes up afterwords and complains. Thought the song was improper where there were children listening. My wife says, but, I never said "the word" - or any bad word. The lady says, yes, but what if my little kid asks what the word is? What will I tell him?

My wife asked, how old is your kid? The lady said kindergarten. My wife (who is a public school teacher) said "He knows. Believe me."

The lady went away mad anyway. F*** her.