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06-Apr-00 - 06:15 PM
Thread Name: Humorous songs
Subject: Lyr Add: ORANGE COCOA CAKE (P & L Berryman)^^

(@1993 L&P Berryman. Words by Peter, music by Lou.)

Hello, Joanie, this is me. Say, I found that recipe
For Orange Cocoa Cake, so, Joanie, get a pencil quick because
Can you believe I'm by myself? Al's at work. The kids are out.
They're playing house, all three of them! They're all out on the deck.

One-half cup unsweetened cocoa. One-half cup of boiling water.
Quarter cup of butter and a quarter cup of shortening. Two cups
Sugar, one-eighth teaspoon salt. Teaspoon of vanilla. One and
One-half teaspoons baking soda. 'Scuse me just a sec.

Dave, dear! I'm right over here.
Would you like some crackers and baloney?
Are you having fun? Don't get too much sun.
Please excuse me while I talk to Joanie.

Two eggs, Joanie. David! David! Crackers dear, not malted milk balls.
In the cupboard. Joanie, one cup buttermilk or sour milk.
One and three-fourths cups unsifted... Ring baloney in the fridge!
Unsifted general purpose... David! Did you really check?

One and three-fourths cups unsifted general-purpose flour, Joanie.
There I finally got it out! Okay, David malted milk balls.
Only five though! Three-fourths teaspoon grated orange peel. A quarter
Teaspoon orange extract. Uh-oh, 'scuse me just a sec.

Liz! Ben! I'm here in the den.
Would you like some crackers and baloney?
Are you having fun? Don't get too much sun.
Please excuse me while I talk to Joanie.

Joanie, one more eighth teaspoon of... Lizzie, what's the matter, dear?
Baking soda, Joanie. Lizzie! Don't hit Benjie! That's uncalled-for.
That's okay, Ben. Joanie, three more tablespoons of buttermilk or
Sour milk. Oh, come here, Liz! What's that on your neck?

Now, don't worry, Liz, it's only one real tiny tick. Someone...
David! Go and get the tweezers! Joanie, maybe... In the bathroom!
Joanie, maybe we should... Ben, don't cry! Have one more malted milk ball.
Lizzie, mom'll be right there, but...'Scuse me just a sec.

(Double time:)
Really gotta go, Joan, see about a tick, we're
Gonna have a party with the neighborhood kids. Then
Lizzie has to go to an appointment at eleven an' I'm
Takin' Benjie too because we have to buy a costume.

He's in a play tomorrow over at the church.
Isn't it tomorrow, Benjie? Benjie! Wheredja go? Lizzie,
Isn't Benjie gonna play a piece o' pie tomorrow? I
Remember now, a pumpkin pie.

Lizzie can't go. There's a party in the park for all the
People with pets. Well, you know she gotta go to that, and
Daddy gonna take her and the kitty in the Chevy. After
That we have to reconnoiter over at the Big Boy.

I gotta go, Joan. By the way, d'ja'ever recon-
Sider gettin' married? Havin' children of your own?
Turn the television down. Your mother's on the telephone.
Call you back, Joan, toodle-oo.

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