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Posted By: GUEST,Jim Dixon
06-Apr-00 - 06:21 PM
Thread Name: Humorous songs
Subject: Lyr Add: SCIENCE MARCHES ON (P & L Berryman)^^

(@1996 L&P Berryman. Words by Peter, music by Lou.)

The lake dries up and the sun goes down and the rose grows old and dies.
The cyclone hits like a wall o' bricks and the swelling rivers rise.
The wolf's right there with a deadly glare in the lair of the newborn fawn.
Draught kills trout and stars burn out but science marches on.

Drive through CAT-scan, fax on the belt, modem in a wristwatch, Naugahyde pelt.
Non-fat lard cake, Bible on a chip, parabolic smelloscope, freeze-dried dip.
Laser eye surgery, fusion in jars, paperless government, driverless cars.
CD-ROM phone book, edible earth, motherless fatherless Petri-dish birth.

The eyeballs fail and the backbone bends and the hair's no longer brown.
The big ears flap and I need a nap and I think I'll go lie down.
I draw the shades as the future fades and the past is nearly gone.
Your friends all croak and you're old and broke but science marches on.

DNA Tinker-Toys, clone polliwog, hydroponic parsley, virtual dog.
HDTV, antigrav skis, ultrasound tooth brush, Teflon trees.
Teleport phone booth, cyborg brain, vertical take-off passenger train.
Moneyless megamall, microchip checks, wireless digital cellular sex.

(Both (alternate phrases:)
Ten-year ice cube, time-travel shorts, subatomic pinball, submarine sports.
Deep-space billboard, smoking vaccine, sugarless low-cal soylent green.
Prozac Automat, phaser in a pen, light-emitting overcoat, sensitive men.
Internet fern bar, humanoid squids, 88-gigabyte floptical kids.

Black-hole trashcan, moon-crater home, automatic washcloth, self-propelled comb.
Sensor in the brain pan, feelavision set, flyaway Chevrolet camper-van jet.
Interactive oleo, La-Z-Boy shoes, autofocus windowpane, remedial blues.
Self-clean condo, Astroturf shrub, flashback epiphany afterlife club.

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