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18-Jun-07 - 12:49 AM
Thread Name: Lip-synching: Art or Rip-off?
Subject: RE: Lip-synching: Art or Rip-off?
AWG..Glad you liked the show. They are all awesome. You have to see it many times to be able to take it all in. The Hummingbird Theater is one of the bes theaters Ive seen them in and I love love to go back there. Also I still want to go to the CN Tower as well. I had that planed but I had to scrap that at the last second.

Row 9 for you isnt too bad. I had row 1 when I was there. I got very lucky on that. Was able to get 4 fromt row tickets for Brian, Jenny, Rickie and myself. It was a blast.

I love the lighting for the live tour instead of DVD. My favorite part is when during Sing out the lights sweep acroos the whole theater. I always turn around to watch them.

I was going to see them one more time this year but due to my relief at work haveing a major heart attack Ive had to cancle my trip to Washington DC. Well mybe next year. At least my coworker is OK.