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Posted By: squeezeboxhp
18-Jun-07 - 03:49 PM
Thread Name: 'Beverley Folk Festival' Fringe
Subject: RE: 'Beverley Folk Festival' Fringe
also enjoyed the festival but feel that someone has another agenda regarding moving to a greenfield site.
mild moan ; i think that a warning to all under 14s to wear earplugs means that this is not really a folk act and would be better appreciated by head bangers from Bradford and the money better spent on a folk act.
if you need a guard on the emergency exit of a concert please note that the crash doors need the bolts unfastened to allow the doors to open in an emergency.
fiddlers who get a bit precious when a box player diverts away from that irish tune they play all night.
mild praise
the fringe is the important part of Beverley festival and should be preserved.
if the larger option moves away, keep the faith and downsize to a festival within the town and base at the memorial hall it worked at Holmfirth.
absolute praise to Oombanjo for site organization