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Posted By: Mrrzy
06-Apr-00 - 11:56 PM
Thread Name: mis-heard lyrics (surely they didn't say...)
Subject: RE: mis-heard lyrics (surely they didn't say...)
Speaking of nonlyrical mishearings, I don't know if any of you watch South Park, but I was wearing a Kenny T-shirt (apologies), and one of my 4-year olds pointed and exclaimed: Kiko Kenny! At which point the other one responded: We're Blasters!

Nice to know that they don't know the word Bastard yet - I know they know others because the other day I dropped a yoghurt and made a huge mess, and was standing there figuratively biting my tongue, when one of the twins pipes up Good for you, Mommie! You didn't say s**t!

Also nice to know they appreciate my efforts!