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Posted By: Bee
20-Jun-07 - 08:32 PM
Thread Name: History of Li'l Bunny Fufu? Labor song?
Subject: RE: History of Li'l Bunny Fufu? Labor song?
Generations of Nova Scotia kids have done it this way:

Little Rabbit Foofoo, hoppin' through the forest, scoopin up the field mice and boppin' 'em on the head. (sung)

Then, spoken, Along comes the good fairy and says: "Little Rabbit Foofoo, if you don't stop bopping those field mice on the head, I'm going to turn you into a GNU!"

whole thing repeated twice, then third time, Poof! She turned him into a gnu, and the moral of the story is "Hare today, Gnu tomorrow!"

Always gnu, never goon.