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Posted By: Anglo
21-Jun-07 - 11:18 PM
Thread Name: Penguin: The Mermaid
Subject: RE: Penguin: The Mermaid
The way I read it, Charles Sloman sang a fragment, one verse and a chorus, printed with music on the following page. The text above was a different fragment, more complete obviously. Since Chappell noted it from Sloman's singing, he would presumably have been some acquaintance, or someone aware enough of his interests to have contacted him. The text reads:

Then up spoke the captain of our gallant ship
And a brave young man was he
I have 60 gallant seamen aboard of my ship
But none so gallant as he, as he, as he,
But none so gallant as he.

While the vivid lightnings flash
And the stormy winds do blow
While we poor seamen are up, up aloft
And the landsmen are all down below, below, below,
And the landsmen are all down below.

The tune is a close variant of the "usual" dotted tempo major one, with the indication "Right jovially, and moderately fast."