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Posted By: Keef
25-Jun-07 - 06:51 PM
Thread Name: SunCube Fiasco
Subject: RE: SunCube Fiasco
Foolestroupe.....He has taken down the Sunball forum because it contains the record of several years worth of false claims, missed deadlines and questions ignored.
You can go to
which is an alternative group for frustrated Suncube enthusiasts
Best to start at the beginning of's a ripping yarn!

Now a word to Greg
Greg...why do you call yourself CEO
CEO of what?

Now to the Korean partner crapola

Press Release
21 March 2007
It is with pride that South Australian renewable energy company Green and Gold Energy (GGE)
announces the first contract for our advanced technology SunCube Solar Appliance ultra high efficiency
solar cell assembly.
ES System Co., Ltd. of Korea (ESS), already a GGE SunCube Solar Appliance manufacturing license
holder, has entered a agreement to purchase at least 500 MWs of the GGE designed and developed
SunCube Solar Appliance ultra high efficiency solar cell assembly. The ultra high efficiency cell
assembles will be delivered over the 10 years of their exclusive Korean manufacturing and distribution
license agreement.
GGE has been working on the design and development of the SunCube Solar Appliance for the many
years. Additionally GGE will expand its Adelaide SunCube manufacturing facility to 30 MW per year
service the Australian market. This will include the construction of GGE owned and operated solar farms
which can be built to provide very significant daytime base load capacity to reduce the need for either
new fossil fuel or nuclear base load power stations. SunCube solar farms can be built much quicker than
either "Clean Coal" or nuclear facilities and at a lower cost.
The SunCube Solar Appliance is a powerful tool that cost effectively fights Climate Change by lowering
CO2 emissions from power stations, lowering electricity costs and providing an alternative to costly
investment in peak electricity infrastructure.
Finally there is a tool to fight Climate Change and reduce CO2 emissions while reducing costs to home
owners and industry and creating jobs.
The SunCube Solar Appliance is the first solar PV technology that can deliver kWhs from the home or
business rooftop at less cost than if the kWhs were bought from the grid without needing tax payer funded
rebates to achieve this below grid cost.
Additionally as the SunCube Solar Appliance tracks the sun and feeds power back into the grid, it can,
unlike flat plate technology, contribute very significantly to reducing the peak loading that occurs on the
electricity grid during hot summer afternoons.

Blah Blah dodgy email address etc etc. is the email reply from Mr Park


This is a recent reply from Mr James Park

Who are you ?
I am doing very well and I know what I invested and what I ordered
from him.If there are something wrong or if Mr. Watson cheated you.
Show me the evidence or
Please stop sending me this kind of email.


So either Mr Park is genuine...and therefore he HAS invested money in this scam..whoops business venture
The Korean partner letter is another fraud.

So Greg...get used to it...I will follow you all over the net and warn everyone to keep their money safely in their pocket.
Of course if you can produce a working Suncube and prove that it does all the things you claim for it, then I will have to eat my hat (yech!)

Some more free advice Greg...pack a toothbrush
And a tube of KY jelly.
You're going to need it where you're going