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Posted By: GUEST
27-Jun-07 - 03:39 AM
Thread Name: SunCube Fiasco
Subject: RE: SunCube Fiasco
Hi Keef,

I suggest you look up the term investor:

"An investor is any party that makes an investment.

However, the term has taken on a specific meaning in finance to describe the particular types of people and companies that regularly purchase equity or debt securities for financial gain in exchange for funding an expanding company. Less frequently the term is applied to parties who purchase real estate, currency, commodity derivatives, personal property, or other assets.

The term implies that a party purchases and holds assets in hopes of achieving capital gain, not as a profession or for short-term income."

As for the Joe Cell incident I suggested to them that if they could not prove their claims, which were well beyond science, of running a car on basically nothing and charging for kits, doing conversions for money, selling books and selling interviews with Joe that they might find themselves in a class action initiated by those that they and others had ripped off. I did not say I would be party to the action nor did I say I would initiate it, so please don't put words in my mouth and try to quote me correctly.

who like you runs his business and home from 100% solar energy that I buy from the retail electricity market.

Hey hands up for a quick straw poll.

1)Who buy 100% solar kWhs?
2)Who is really dedicated to reducing CO2 emissions?
3)Who just wants to reduce their electricity bill?