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Posted By: Keef
27-Jun-07 - 11:41 PM
Thread Name: SunCube Fiasco
Subject: RE: SunCube Fiasco
Well he must be having a lie in today!
(lie in...get it?)
Anyway I've got another little question for you Greg

"BTW all GGE staff own a slice of the profit GGE makes. And they didn't pay a cent for the profit share, I gave it to them for their dedication and hard work.


So where does the profit come from Greg
To date you have not sold one Suncube nor built one solar farm.
If you regard the license fees paid by the various partners as being profit then it is probably a good thing that you are not a company or corporation. If you were, then you would probably be guilty of trading whilst insolvent.

Dream dream dream
La La La La La
(Big hug and kisses)