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Posted By: Susan A-R
09-Apr-00 - 01:17 AM
Thread Name: Songwriting -- Part 2
Subject: RE: Songwriting -- Part 2
I've just spent the past hour and a half reading the other threads. Wow! Is there a wish to continue with songs for critique here? Here's one I wrote some thirteen years ago, but it came back to me as I walked around outdoors today. I never knew that spring elsewhere was any different, until I went to college in Ohio and learned that there really is a season. I believe that spring shapes those of us in Northern New England. No wonder we have a reputation for being stoic. Hope I got the line breaks right.

The Northern Spring

Sharp and cold, and somehow more alive The northern spring
Matted grass and rotting ice and snow
The muddy smell of things that bud and grow
It takes subtlety and time to get to know
The northern spring

Chorus She hides beneath the surface, like the sap beneath the bark
Our Lady of the Underground where seeds wait in the dark
Beneath the frozen water, beneath the robin's wing
Beneath the husk on bud and blossom bides the Northern spring

Hints of stronger sun and warmer days
Then icy rains that turn the world to gray
and swell the buds and make the snows give way
for the northern spring Then suddenly the hills are hazy green
The snow is gone, the air is soft and clean.
From winter into sunmer, and between
The northern spring