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Posted By: John in Brisbane
09-Apr-00 - 02:21 AM
Thread Name: Glossary of Scottish Words (PermaThread)
Subject: RE: Glossary of Scottish Words
To everyone who has posted above, and to those who have sent other information via personal messages, may I please say thank you. In particular I really appreciate the fact that people have sent me some really fantastic liks re the Scots language, which in turn has saved me a lot of duplicative work.

I have sent my draft manuscript to the publisher (Joe Offer) and it contains over 6,000 Scottish words (some duplicated). That probably means about a 4,500 word vocabulary and probably enough to decipher all but the most obscure references in Scottish song, for which a real dictionary or help from qualified linguists would be a better answer.

Wolfgang, I did initially include the Tanahill Weavers list, but it was largely covered by the other work. Because I don't have unlimited time to de-duplicate the Glossary I have therefore omitted it completely.

Bob, I hope that the new Glossary adequately covers Burns Lowlands usgae. I know how much work it is to transcribe from written sources, so my suggestion is to spot check the new Gloossary against your 1966 reference and vice versa. If (say) more than 10% of your sample is not extant in the new Glossary then maybe we can collectively pursue it, otherwise I would suggest opening a Guinness or concertina case instead. I expect my dictionary dalliance to be shortlived.

I'll await news from the publisher. Regards, John