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Posted By: Janet Elizabeth
02-Jul-07 - 12:59 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Firing the Mauretania
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Firing the Mauritania
Hi - just found this thread and listened to the Midi. It's intersting but after the four vers-lines the tune goes completely different from the version I learned from Hugie Jones' Seascape CD. Hugie's version is different as follows

1. Several words different, particualrly there are 34 fires not 64, and the last verse calls "all TRIMMERS".

2. He collected it in Liverpool (says the sleeve) (does a CD have a sleeve?)

3. It's in strict 5/2 time. That's five very slow beats to a line. e.g.

    1          2         3      4    5
in Nineteen    100 &    Twenty Fo---ur
I   Founmeselfn Livrepool Onthe Flo--or
soI Went to    Cunards's Ofice Do---or
got Job onthe   Maure-    Ta-    Nia--a
She Really      Is a      Sla-a- Ve---er
to Hellwiththe Maure-    Ta-    Nia--a

It doesn't slow down on the end of the line - it has a definite extra, (5th) beat at the end! You can count the beats on the fingers of your hand. It works.

It's so regular that I think this version at least must be a work song.