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Posted By: Joe Offer
08-Feb-98 - 03:49 AM
Thread Name: Adding lyrics and songs to the database?
Subject: RE: Adding lyrics and songs to the database?
One tip for posting URL's (Web addresses): never try to type them out. Go to the "address" box on the top of your browser, and highlight, right-click, and copy the URL. then go where you want to place that URL, and paste it in. You can also steal URLs from your bookmarks. If you try to type out an entire URL, you have a very good chance of goofing it up - and you may well go bonkers in the process. If you copy-and-paste a working URL, you're much more liable to be successful. Copy-and-paste is a very useful process for a lot of windows and Mac applications, and it sure can save you a lot of typing.
Once you get used to copy/pasting and putting in the line breaks, you're well on your way. Before long, you'll be able to type
<a href="">Mudcat Rules</a>
in your sleep. After that, you'll begin to realize that you are becoming a really weird person.
-Joe Offer-