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Posted By: M. Ted (inactive)
10-Apr-00 - 01:46 AM
Thread Name: Songwriting -- Part 2
Subject: RE: Songwriting -- Part 2
The guitar can really be a bad thing to use when writing songs--The reason being that there is a tendency to set down a chord progression,and sort of let the voice folllow the chord changes, rather than working out a real stand-- alone melody--

Some of the most beautiful melodies don't require much in the way of chord changes, either--but if you concentrate on the chord progression first, then put some lyrics to it, the meter of the lyrics and the chord changes dictate where the voice will go, and the chance to do something with the melody is gone--

My advice (seems like I always have advice) is to start working on the melody first, and after you've decided what your melody is going to be, then start to think of words--

The advantage to this is that when you've got the melody in your head, you won't need the guitar while you're writing--